It is time, to be less organized to be more efficient

It is time for what? Be less organized to be more efficient?

Yes, it is time to start my blog, write my first post, and share with you my thoughts. And as a first subject, let’s talk about time! I’ve been reading about time, and thinking about my organisation. I changed it accordingly to what I observed, which is to be more spontaneous. And not only do I feel better, but I’m also more efficient.


Time is everything.

I grew up in a French family, and built some strong occidental values about time. I saw time as a disassociated straight line, which can handle one task at a time. I also pushed the organization of my time to the limit. 90% of my tasks are written in my calendar. It obviously has some positive effect in my life. In my entire life, I have been late to a meeting only once or twice. This can be explained by my education. I remember being one hour early at the dentist with my mum, even though we knew the dentist was always one hour late, so we waited two hours in an empty room.

You need time for yourself. I will rephrase this in two points to be very clear: to do nothing is very important for yourself, and to find your organization that best suits you is essential.

I observed myself, and my entourage during months, and felt something was not right in my organization. In the VAKOG representational system, I am a K, which stands for Kinaesthetic. I make decisions mostly by intuition. So when I feel something is not right, I dig deeper in order to have more information, and do a couple of NLP exercise to find the possible problem. The positive side of being a K is having lots of motivation when you’re feeling up. You almost feel invincible.

Let me tell you a little story: We are in 2018, I buy 1991 and 1989 bottles of wine in The website is basically an excel file which references all the wines you can buy. Your account doesn’t store any information, not even your mail address, and there’s nothing secure on the website. The process is very simple though: you select the bottle of wine you want to buy on your account, so it locks this bottle to other possible buyers for couple of days, then you send a cheque by mail with a little note of the bottle of wines you want to buy, and the people behind send you back your bottle of wines through the mail.

I was confused by this process, because this process with the different steps to buy the bottle of wines was totally different from the process I’ve been used to. So I’ve been thinking about this experience and I finally concluded: it didn’t take me more time than from any other website! Why? Because selecting the bottle of wine was only two clicks, at this step, please remark that you don’t spend any time with some intricate form with passwords and so on. Then I print a simple note stating “I’d like to buy the bottle of wine XXX, please find enclosed the payment. You can send me back the wine at this address: XXX”, I find an envelope and a stamp (which I always have at my home I concede), and because I’m always passing by a mailing box when I’m going out, I don’t take any more time to send the letter. It is done!

I’m pretty sure there’s similar situation you’re already thinking of.

I also observed myself always forgetting the same items during the Saturday groceries, because I haven’t listed them on my paper. And I’m missing them at my home, even though I could buy them in any other store I’m passing by when I’m going out. Noticing people around me that wouldn’t make this mistake, I noticed they shared one common characteristic: they are spontaneous. Being spontaneous is a great quality. It seems they are very conscious about the present time. I assume they have a different perspective of time, which comes back to the same subject over and over: time and how do you see time.

My way of thinking about time, described at the beginning of this article, is certainly not the best suited for me.

In The Culture Map, the author, Erin Meyer, explained in one chapter, Time, from different culture perspective. It exists different way of thinking about time depending on your culture. If you’re more curious about cross cultural perspectives, I invite you to read The Culture Map.

Betty Friedan, in her The Feminine Mystique book, examined the technology improvement for the house chores, and concludes that even though the chores are simpler, women spend more time doing it nowadays than her grandmother. This is an interesting characteristic of time: when you’re doing something pleasant or simpler, time goes by quickly. Don’t try to gain time blindly, instead control your time.

In the last few months, I have tried to control my time more by being less organized, more spontaneous, and focusing more into the present moment. This has been an effective change as I’m writing this post, being one of the positive consequences I couldn’t achieve before.

The second change related to time is to give more time to yourself. You can do it by slowing down some of your activities. I take more time reading and digesting articles, books. I sometimes stop what I’m doing and think about myself and my goals. It’s not that because you’re not producing anything that you’re not creative, or you’re not changing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. A good practice to improve in this domain is the Inner Smile from the Chinese Qigong practice.

I’m deviating from the time subject, but I hope you enjoyed the journey of reading this post.

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Written by F(log), the April 26, 2018.