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Elm Europe 2017 - Richard Feldman - Scaling Elm Apps

Elm Europe 2017 - Richard Feldman - Scaling Elm Apps

Richard Feldman at Elm Europe Conference 2017.

4000 LOC of a SPA Example on how to grow easily ELM project: Great blog post about this elm-spa-example:

ELM Library perfectly sizable and re-usable:

If you like this video, let’s go deeper in the ELM world with a good talk at the same conference by ELM creator Evan Czaplicki: Elm Europe 2017 - Evan Czaplicki - The life of a file

Learned in this video

  • Narrowing types as much as you can
  • Extended records for avoiding the cons of nested records in Model
  • helper function for everything o/
  • Use the simplest and minimalist API first to get the job done
  • You can split the ELM architecture with smaller component (c.f. signup form)
  • and are for solving the specific problem of too much config