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The Culture Map

The Culture Map

Author: Erin Meyer Date of finishing: 16/02/2018


The book is a must read for anyone that tries to understand, adapt, and be efficient in all sort of context. The author, Erin Meyer, takes 8 criteria about communication and behavior to put the different culture she has knowledge on on this scale. More than the ranking, the heart of the book resides in the explanation of the choice of these criteria and how to rank your culture compare to another one. This is more than criteria, it’s a method. And a method that can apply more than just culture. I applied, just two days after finishing the book, this method to understand some of the conflict I had with my manager. And the results, the result on investment (ROI in managerial terms) is huge.

I felt very close to the subject as I’m a frequent travel to very different culture.

Erin Meyer is American, based in Paris for more than fifteen years now, with an expertise in cross cultural communication and management. She is a teacher at INSEAD Paris, and also consultant for multi national companies.

Table of content / the 8 criteria

  1. Communicating Across Cultures
  2. Evaluating Performance and Providing Negative Feedback
  3. The Art of Persuasion in a Multicultural World
  4. Leadership, Hierarchy, and Power
  5. Who Decides, and How?
  6. Two Types of Trust and How They Grow
  7. Disagreeing Productively
  8. Scheduling and Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Time