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Elm Programming

Elm Programming

Author: Pawan Poudel Date of finishing: 02/04/2018


Table of content / the 8 criteria

Why Elm? Feedback Who This Book is For Conventions Used in This Book Acknowledgements About the Author 02 Getting Started Installation Building a Simple Web Page Elm Platform Elm Programming Language Elm Compiler Elm Architecture Elm Runtime elm-make elm-package elm-reactor elm-repl Try Elm Site Ellie Conclusion

Syntax & Semantics Learn Elm from the ground up

03 Elm Language Basics Simple Arithmetic Boolean Comparison Comments Expression Value Constant If Expression Function Let Expression Case Expression Indentation String Regular Expression List Array Tuple Record Conclusion 04 Benefits of Using Elm Immutability Pure Functions Solving Complex Problems with Simple Functions Easy to Test Type System Easier Code Organization Fuzz Testing Pattern Matching Conclusion

Architecture Understand how the Elm Architecture helps us build robust front-end web applications

05 Elm Architecture Model View Update - Part 1 Virtual DOM Model View Update - Part 2 Side Effects Commands Subscriptions Conclusion 06 HTTP Requests Fetching Data Using GET Decoding JSON - Part 1 Decoding JSON - Part 2 RemoteData Retrieving Data on Initialization Restructuring Code Routing Updating a Resource Using PATCH Deleting a Resource Using DELETE Creating a Resource Using POST Conclusion 07 Interact with JavaScript Sending Data to JavaScript Receiving Data from JavaScript Protecting Boundaries between Elm and JavaScript Saving App State in Local Storage Retrieving App State from Local Storage Interacting with Web Components Conclusion What to Do Next?

Keypoints learned in this book

  • union type