Tought of a Free Software Detective

What is a Free Software Detective?

The term detective represents best my method of working: I start by diagnosing a problem, or someone brings one to my desk, then I find a creative way to solve it, and I go one step further with monitoring the solution to avoid it in the future.

I'm part of the open source community, and try to contribute back to the free world, as in libre in French.

My skill range, method and focus in my professional life doesn't fit any title or position I've seen on LinkedIn. I'm working on a very wide range of mission, from maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, to web feature development, with some serious experience in the software architecture.

Saint Gildas de Rhuys, one of the heaven on earth I know

What else George?

When I'm not - reading - acting in theatre class - cooking - playing tennis - playing trumpet - doing some windsurf - grabbing a beer with friends - dreaming - I'm writing in this blog post.

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